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Cutting edge. Easy-to-use features. American made. Safety. Efficient. Relaxing. All of these words come to mind when you take a look at a KOHLER Walk-In Bath. If you are looking for soothing massage for sore muscles, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath will excel in the comfort department. If you are recovering from surgery or suffer from chronic pain, welcome to one of your best in-home rehabilitation options. If you have diabetes or circulation issues, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath will meet your needs with hydrotherapy.

As we age and have the need for more efficient ways to bathe, replacing that dangerous hard to step over bathtub with a KOHLER Walk-In Bath just makes sense. Mary’s Story is just one of many happy customers. As Pacific Bath Company is the Northwest’s only KOHLER Walk-In Bath provider, you now have the means to maintain your way of life and freedom when bathing.


For additional information:

KOHLER Walk-In Tub Features
  • Very Low Step-in Height: With one of the lowest, safest step-in heights on the market, getting in and out of our Walk-In tubs is a breeze.
  • Wide Opening Air-Tight Door: For added ease of getting in and out of the tub.
  • Hydrotherapy Jets: Boasting 10, highly adjustable, pointed jets with varying degrees of intensity and direction, hydrotherapy gives amazing relief to your spine, legs, and feet. This truly has to be experienced to be believed.
  • Bubble Massage: With a generous 17 ports, you are uniquely surrounded in bubbles as you bathe and relax. This feature is also adjustable with three separate settings for speed.
  • Heated Surfaces: KOHLER’S “Bask” technology allows the bather to warm their shoulders, neck, or back before bathing as the tub fills and after you bathe while the tub is draining to ensure you remain warm and comfortable.
  • Handrails: KOHLER’S Human Factor exterior handrails that are integrated into the tub provide you with a safe entry into the Walk-In tub. KOHLER’S internal grip rail doubles the safety by perfectly placing it so you can adjust your body while bathing.
  • Smartly-Positioned Hand Shower: Multiple spray settings and conveniently located to make sure water remains in the bath. Located on the outside of the tub for easy access by a caregiver.
  • Conveniently Placed Control Panel: Smooth, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing, our control panel is in the ideal place for your next soothing bathing experience.
  • Bathing Depth: Provides privacy for the bather as well as the deepest soak in the market.


Hydrotherapy is a technique used to treat many diseases and ailments in the body utilizing both cold or hot water. It has been around for hundreds of years and is proven to be very effective. Hydrotherapy uses two basic elements to affect the body: mechanical and thermal. Jets, bubbles or the basic effect of running water to knead and massage the body represents the mechanical element, while the temperature of the water can produce a myriad of healing properties, especially with hot water.

Temperature directly affects your nerves. Your skin affects your nerves; nerves then transmit the feeling the skin is getting and many body systems are further affected as a result. Circulation, immunity, stress, pain, and a host of other internal processes are changed, having much to do with overall relaxation and the enhanced flow of blood in the body. At this level, hot water is often used to soothe and calm the body internally while cold water acts as more of a stimulant, increasing internal organ activity.

One effect you will have when using a KOHLER Walk-In Bath is weightlessness. Water, quite easily, reduces the effects of gravity on the human frame. This feeling alone reduces external and internal stressors on the body and mixes with the gentle sensation of the flowing water on your skin to create a more effective relaxation tool. In a KOHLER Walk-in Bath from Pacific Bath Company, you will receive the combination effect of hot water, massaging jets, bubbles and weightlessness to fight fatigue, chronic pain and discomfort.

Specific Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Heat, water and the propulsion of water against ailing or tired skin, loosens tight muscles, but that is just the beginning! Other benefits of hydrotherapy range from boosting your immunity to help with digestion because of the direct effect on your metabolism. Cells are also hydrated which helps the entire body, specifically muscle and skin tissue. We have already mentioned earlier how internal organs can be effected, either calming or enhancing proper activity. Finally, detoxification is extremely healthy for the human body and causes the body to eliminate waste through sweat. Again, the hot water side of hydrotherapy is key.

Conditions and diseases treated with hydrotherapy include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis and other rheumatological conditions
  • Stress
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Headaches
  • Rehabilitation from stroke or respiratory conditions
  • Common Colds
  • Acne
  • Stomach Issues
  • Muscle & Joint Pain

At Pacific Bath Company, our American-made KOHLER Walk-In Baths are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. We strongly believe that a KOHLER Walk-In Bath is the best product available. Comfort and relaxation are waiting. Schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable experts today! Remember, Pacific Bath Company is the Northwest’s only KOHLER Walk-In Bath provider.


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