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Cutting edge. Easy-to-use features. American made. Safety. Efficient. Relaxing. All of these words come to mind when you take a look at a KOHLER Walk-In Bath. If you are looking for soothing massage for sore muscles, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath will excel in the comfort department. If you are recovering from surgery or suffer from chronic pain, welcome to one of your best in-home rehabilitation options. If you have diabetes or circulation issues, the KOHLER Walk-In Bath will meet your needs with hydrotherapy. As we age and have the need for more efficient ways to bathe, replacing that dangerous hard to step over bathtub with a KOHLER Walk-In Bath just makes sense. Mary’s Story is just one of many happy customers. As Pacific Bath Company is the Northwest’s only KOHLER Walk-In Bath provider, you now have the means to maintain your way of life and freedom when bathing.


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