Delivers A Next Generation Bath Experience

//Delivers A Next Generation Bath Experience

Delivers A Next Generation Bath Experience


Many people bathe on a daily basis, but somewhere down the line, taking a bath became a simple necessity and not something people enjoyed in order to relax any longer. Bathtubs and showers have changed in style and in many other ways over the years with Pacific Bath Company, but there haven’t been many groundbreaking inventions other than the step in-bath. So how does the Step in Bath from Kohler allow you to take a bath unlike any other you’ve taken before? Let’s find out!

Safety First

You’ve probably heard that the bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house and it’s true. More accidents happen here than anywhere else. Wet floors can get slippery and there are plenty of things to hit your head on if you fall over. The Pacific Bath Company knows that and that’s why we offer the step-in bath. The safety is revolutionary since you no longer have to swing your leg over the tub to get in and out. No slips, no falls, just relaxing bathing lies ahead.

Relaxing Features that are Easy-to-Use

You may have had a bathtub in the past that had relaxing features, but you found them too hard to figure out so you went back to the regular standards. But Pacific Bath Company has relaxing features (like soothing massage jets) that are easy to use to help you get the most from your bath every time.

Age Options

Having a step-in tub has many advantages and they’re not all what you might assume. Of course, they’re great if you have an aging loved one in your home who has trouble with mobility. But what if someone in your family breaks an ankle? The bathtub from Pacific Bath Company works well for those needs as well! They’re even great for pets since you don’t have to worry about them jumping in and out of the tub. And children find the door on the tub fascinating, which makes them easier to bathe as well.


Bathing has never been as relaxing as it is now, with life getting busier by the day. Contact the Pacific Bath Company to look into the walk-in bath from Kohler. You can get the relaxation you want (and deserve!) each and every time you bathe with the right tub in place. Pacific Bath Company is here to help you maintain your freedom in relaxation and bathing.

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