If you’re looking to keep up with the latest and greatest in bathroom redesign, then you’re in for a treat: 2020 is a groundbreaking year in terms of sophisticated and spa-like aesthetics for residential bathrooms. Bathroom remodeling ideas have never been more design-forward and functional! Let’s highlight five of these modern trends to see if they’re right for you. 

1) Dark, Subtle Shades

In 2020, we’re seeing everything from walk-in showers to surrounds that are accommodating darker shades of colors throughout the bathing area, such as black piping and matte black fixtures. The great thing about this trend? No matter how little or much you plan to add, your bathroom will be beautiful and on-trend because of it! 

2) Comeback of Brass & Gold

Brassy, warmer golds are coming back in a big way when polished to a high sheen and paired with the soft whites and stark blacks that cover today’s bathrooms. Whether you incorporate a brass shower-head into your walk-in shower or warm up your fixtures from shiny stainless metal to warm gold, you’re sure to have a more updated bathroom in no time. 

3) Openness to Patterns 

While straight-lined tile has had its moment, it seems people are now turning to more non-linear patterns for the bathing area. Additional tile and stone patterns draw attention to the bathing area, making it more of a focal point for the bathroom and stimulate the visual sense of bathers.

4) Pops of Feel-Good Color

Something to offset the grey of last year and the stark black of this year are pops of color. From statement tile to tubs and showers with teal or coral bases, we’re seeing mostly neutral bathrooms with just one pop of a jewel-toned hue. The specific colors vary, but we are seeing more of the colors associated with specific emotions: blue for relaxation, or green for vitality and healthy. 

5) Larger Tubs & Showers

The last trend we’re seeing for 2020 is certainly not the least! Showers and walk-in baths are becoming ever larger. In addition to providing a luxe feel, these larger sizes offer numerous benefits regarding accessibility to the bathing area.

The trends we’re seeing in 2020 all focus on ensuring that everything that is beautiful has some purpose. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic maximalist vibe or are happier with a more simplified look, you’re sure to find a great design choice for you among the bathroom remodel trends of 2020. 

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