Whether you’re tired of staring at grimy grout during your daily shower or you want to help a loved one increase accessibility in their bathroom, remodeling projects can seem overwhelming. The first step in a successful, low-stress remodel is to hire the right bathroom remodeling professionals, and we’ve got some tips below to help you find the contractors that best suit your needs.

Start With a Vision of the Finished Project

Before you begin looking at remodeling companies, it’s important to have an idea of what you want your finished bathroom to look like. You don’t need to know every detail, but being able to provide an idea of what your dream space looks like will help prospective companies more accurately estimate the cost and timeline of your project.

Ask Around and Verify References

Know friends, family members, or neighbors that have remodeled their bathrooms? Ask around to get recommendations for trustworthy remodeling companies in your area, and ask about their experience with the company they used. Once you begin talking to companies, request a list of recent references and make the effort to call their former clients.

Another thing you can do for greater peace of mind is to request a company’s licensing, insurance, and bonding information. States vary as to the requirements for licensure, so check with appropriate agencies to make sure that you’re hiring a qualified professional.

Get a Written Estimate and Establish a Budget

Companies should be willing to provide you with a detailed written estimate outlining the project and the materials that will be used. You should aim to get at least three written estimates before hiring professionals and compare them to find the mix of quality and value that works best for you.

Work with your chosen company to establish a budget and payment guidelines. Never pay in full upfront for a remodel, but you can expect to pay 10 percent or more of the total cost as a deposit. It’s also a good idea to set aside extra money, in the event that unforeseen problems occur during the project. 

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