The tub is an indispensable bathroom fixture for many homeowners. For some, it provides the means to rejuvenate the mind and body with long, relaxing soaks. For others, a bathroom with a tub is essential for the daily care of active young children. Although these sturdy fixtures can withstand many years of daily use, if you can relate to any of the following signs, it’s time to consider updating your bathtub:

A Bathtub That’s in Poor Condition

Age, use and repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals can dull and damage the finish on your bathtub. As the finish erodes it can become porous, too, so every use or attempt at cleaning the tub makes it look worse. Some bathtub materials like fiberglass and acrylic can fade and develop scratches and cracks over time, while porcelain-enameled steel or cast iron tubs can chip and pit, which exposes the metal to oxidation so it starts to rust. If your tub is cracked or rusted through in some spots, water can seep out and decay the underlying sub-floor, and mold can flourish due to the warmth and trapped moisture.

A Bathtub That’s Not Being Used

If you’ve always enjoyed taking soothing hot baths, but you’ve given up using your older tub because it’s difficult to get in and out of, now’s the time to replace it. The standard bathtubs installed in many Portland homes are often narrow and low to the floor, with a slightly curved bottom and high sidewall. This poor design can pose a significant safety hazard for anyone with less than perfect flexibility. Even if you manage to climb in and ease yourself down, you won’t get the full benefit of the experience because you’re worried about how you’ll get back out safely.

A Bathroom That’s Outdated

Updating your bathtub as part of a bathroom remodel can help make your home more attractive and enhance its value if you decide to sell in the near future. While there are some buyers who want to renovate, many others are looking for move-in-ready properties where key spaces like the bathroom are already remodeled. And with the housing market on an upward trajectory in Portland, bidding wars that push the sale price dramatically higher are becoming the norm with hot properties.
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