Are you one of the millions of Americans who have concerns about safety and security when using a traditional bathtub? Studies by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that 65 percent of the roughly 250,000 injury-causing bathroom accidents that occur annually are related to standing up or exiting a standard bathtub. Having a walk-in tub installed in your bathroom can limit your risk of slips, falls and accidental injuries and allow you to enjoy a relaxing and worry-free bathing experience.

Why Choose a KOHLER Walk-In Bath?

You’ve likely seen numerous advertisements for walk-in tubs, so you know these innovative bathroom fixtures have a self-sealing door and built-in seat for enhanced accessibility and safety. When you decide to update your bathroom with a walk-in tub, you need to have peace of mind that you’re choosing the best product in terms of quality and features. We proudly recommend the walk-in baths crafted here in the U.S.A. by KOHLER, an industry leader with a 140-year history of excellence in bath design and engineering.

KOHLER walk-in baths offer the ultimate combination of luxury, durability and cutting-edge technology, and they’re backed by a lifetime warranty. With a KOHLER walk-in tub installed in your bathroom, you’ll enjoy exceptional safety and comfort thanks to an array of outstanding features and benefits including:

  • Ease of access. KOHLER has designed their tub with one of the lowest threshold heights and the industry’s widest door to minimize the dangers of tripping or losing your balance when entering and exiting.
  • Strategically-placed handrails. You’ll appreciate the integrated exterior handrails and internal grip rails for added security when you’re entering the tub, sitting down and standing, or re-positioning while you’re bathing.
  • Advanced therapeutic technology. KOHLER tubs feature a combination of adjustable hydrotherapy and bubble air jets that make taking a hot bath a calming yet invigorating experience that helps relieve fatigue, chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Perfectly positioned controls. The tub’s control panel and ergonomic shower control are strategically positioned so you can easily reach and adjust the hand-held sprayer and hydrotherapy settings.
  • Soothing comfort from start to finish. While you’re waiting for your tub to fill and drain, your neck, shoulders and back will stay comfortably warm thanks to KOHLER’s Bask surface-heating technology.

To learn more about the many benefits of updating your bathroom with a KOHLER walk-in bath, contact us today at Pacific Bath Company, the Northwest’s only certified KOHLER provider.