Bathroom renovations are very important to the overall function of the space in your home.

If you are looking to renew your bathing experience, consider a Kohler bathtub. The good news is, there are plenty of options to consider. Now, you just have to figure out which fits your space the best. Here are a few things to consider when you are looking for a Kohler Bathtub.

Who will use the tub?

There may be a variety of people in your home with a large range of ages. They may all use the bathtub so you will want to accommodate as many of them as you can. If you have an aging parent in your home, however, you will need accommodations to help them bathe. That might mean a very low walk-in height, handrails, and a control panel that’s easy to reach. If you want the tub more for relaxation, you can get things like a bubble massage, hydrotherapy jets, and hand showers. If you have children, there are other items to consider and so on. The features you choose are all based around who will use the tub.

What size can you accommodate?

There are also various sizes in the bathtubs from Kohler and before you place an order, you will need to know which one will work in your space. You can measure, of course, but it might be better to have a professional from Pacific Bath Company to come out and take the final measurements. Not only do you have to measure the space you have available, but also the doorway to ensure that the tub will fit into the room in the first place.

Getting The Most From Your Kohler Tub

The same tub from Kohler can work wonders for different people in the family ensuring you’ll get multiple uses out of it. Older individuals can take advantage of the safety elements like the walk-in feature and the hand shower while other adults can get a spa-like experience from the tub, complete with hydrotherapy. Children can enjoy bubbles and safety as well.

Whether you know exactly what features you want or not, contact Pacific Bath Company to look into the details of a walk-in tub from Kohler. Your bathroom functions will skyrocket and you won’t be sorry for the addition.