So you’re thinking of installing a Walk-in Shower…that’s great! Most people don’t use their bathtubs anymore; really, why not get more room to shower with a safe in-and-out entry with a Walk-in Shower? Plus there are several other benefits. However, once you make the decision to move forward, you then have to decide how you are going to get the new shower installed. Want some advice? Hire Pacific Bath Company. It really is the easiest way to go. Here are a few reasons why this is the best (and easiest!) way to install a Walk-in Shower.

Reason 1: No Physical Labor from You!

Even if you aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty, you’d probably rather spend your day off work relaxing with your family than trying to maneuver all the working parts of installing a Walk-in Shower into its place in your bathroom. It’s not easy work, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. You’ll have to haul tools, equipment, tear out your old existing bathtub area, dispose of material and make sure you have all the right parts and pieces.  Then you have to find and hire a licensed plumber. Then, you have to make sure your new Walk-in Shower is installed correctly to make sure it doesn’t leak, causing more problems with water damage. When you hire professionals to install a Walk-in Shower, your phone call is the first and last thing you have to do.

Reason 2: No Special Tools Required

Some people will use any excuse to go out and buy new tools, but when you don’t have use for those tools any other time, it’s a waste of your time and funds. Building and installing your own Walk-in Shower will require special tools to get the job done right, not to mention carpentry skills and know-how.  There’s no point in you buying those expensive tools when you can hire someone who already has them—and knows how to use them!

Reason 3: Timeliness

It’s hard to have your bathroom out of order and messy when you need to use it. If you work on the project yourself, you might get part way through it and then have to leave it for another weekend.  The “Do it Yourselfers” can often take weeks, even months, to complete a home project, especially one as difficult as a Walk-in Shower. That’s fine for some house projects, but when it comes time to install a Walk in Shower, you want it done quickly and efficiently.

Reason 4: Control the Water

Water seems innocent, but it can actually get messy and out of hand in no time when you install a Walk-in Shower without experience. Prevent damage and messy cleanups by hiring professionals for the important job.

Make your Walk-in Shower installation go seamlessly by contacting Pacific Bath Company of Portland, Oregon. We’re here to install a Walk-in Shower in your bathroom so it can get done quickly and efficiently. The sooner the shower is in, the sooner you can start enjoying it!